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We are very fortunate to have a beautiful church to worship in. For this we are grateful to the people who dreamed, designed, fundraised and built this sacred space. If you would like to have a look around follow the links below. There are photos and information about some key features.

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Much of the information in this section was sourced from Parish Church of St Luke, Wadestown: A Short History 1881-1957 by H.A. Peebles and Saint Luke’s: a Centennial History of the Anglican Church in Wadestown 1881 – 1981 by T. J. Thorpe, M.A.


    Sundays 10am
    and 8am first Sunday of month

    Wednesdays Communion 10am
    (second Wednesday of month at BUPA Crofton Downs)

    Please check Notices for any changes

    Office Hours -
    Tue to Thur 10am - 2pm
    Corner of Wadestown Road and Pitt Street