In 1939 the annual general meeting of parishioners agreed to replace the existing reed organ with a pipe organ. It was not however until 1941 that a suitable organ was purchased for £300. The organ had originally been installed in Christ Church in Wanganui in 1878. Due to the war, delivery of the organ did not happen until 1945 and the organ was in need of a complete overhaul. The final cost for the organ was £1,246 although it was valued at £2000. A new console with its keys and drawstop knobs and balanced swell peddle was donated by Mrs. G. Saunders in memory of her father, Sir James Grose.

By the late 1970s it was apparent that the organ was in need of restoration. General wear and tear along with water damage from a leaking roof meant that money had to again be spent on it. This time it cost $25,000 to fix and upgrade the much-loved instrument. It was once again in full-voice for the celebration of St Luke’s Centenary in 1981.

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