2013 “Inequality” Seminar

Give a little, that others may gain a lot

The large gap between the rich and poor in New Zealand is unjust for too many people. This damages our country as a whole. We support initiatives to deal with excessive income inequality, because their long term benefits far outweigh any short term costs.

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Contents: What this site contains

Inequality Income Seminar held 17 September 2013

for details of seminar, see the publicity poster here

Income inequality – Understanding

(This information is contained in the downloadable brochure – see “Relevant Resources”)

Income inequality – Responding

Two practical responses: important things you can do

  • Tell others – to gain widespread acceptance that the current large income inequality needs to be addressed
  • Donate a dollar – to record your support

FAQs – to address concerns

Relevant Resources

  • 8 page information brochure – key information contained in the sections “Understanding”, “FAQs” and “Responding” – download as a pdf (xxx kB)
  • The seminars
    • Details from the seminar of 15 November 2012
  • The book Inequality – a New Zealand Crisis

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