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Sermon 7 April The Peace, Power, Purpose of the Risen Christ – John Loong

(No recorded sermon Easter Sunday)

Sermon 29 March Good Friday – John Loong

Sermon 28 March Maundy Thursday – John Loong

Sermon 24 March “Parable of the Palm” – John Loong

Sermon 17 March “We Want to See Jesus” – John Loong

Sermon 10 March – Lorraine Fraser

Sermon 3 March “Cleansing of the Temple” – John Loong

Sermon 25 February “The Transfiguration” – John Loong

Sermon 18 February “Marked by Jesus” – John Loong

Sermon 14 February “The three marks of the cross” – John Loong

Sermon 11 February “I am Willing” – Dara Choo

Sermon 4 February “Pray like Jesus” – John Loong

Sermon 28 January “Jesus speaks with Power, Authority” – John Loong

Sermon 21 January “Together we can make a difference!” – John Loong

Apology – no sermon recording available for 14 January

Sermon 07 January “Fruit in keeping with repentance” – John Loong

Sermon 24 December “Mary: No Word from God Will Every Fail” – John Loong (Apologies for heavy rain in the background.)

Sermon 17 December “A voice in the wilderness” – John Loong

Sermon 10 December “Prepare the Way” – Katherine Wharton

Sermon 3 December “Stay Awake” – Paul McIntosh

No sermon available 26 November
No sermon available 19 November

Sermon 12 November “God Never Fails” – Dara Choo

Sermon 5 November “Getting our Feet Wet” – John Loong

Sermon 22 October “Feast Day of St Luke” – John Loong

No sermon available 15 October

Sermon 8 October “Pressing on” – Paul Mcintosh

Sermon 1 October “Shine like Stars; Work out your Salvation” – John Loong

Sermon 24 September “Don’t grumble; bring your troubles to God ” – Dara Choo

Sermon 17 September “Mercy” – John Loong

Sermon 10 September “Seven ways to put on Christ – allowing Jesus to take control of our lives and living our lives according to Him and His purpose” – John Loong

Sermon 3 September “Let Love be Without Hypocrisy. Abhor that which is Evil. Cling to that which is Good” – John Loong

Sermon 27 August “Be a Living Sacrifice: be worshipful, be merciful” – John Loong

Sermon 20 August “Our good is found in God’s glory ” – Dara Choo

Sermon 13 August “Be a Bringer ” – John Loong

Sermon 6 August “The Transfiguration: What is the message?” – John Loong

Sermon 30 July “My experience of prayer” – Mary Stevens

Sermon 23 July “Be Led by the Holy Spirit” – John Loong

Sermon 16 July “Go Back, Go worship, Go out” – John Loong

Sermon 09 July “Come to me and I will give you rest” – Dara Choo

No audio sermon available 2 July – sermon summary is:
BARNABAS: A Generous ENCOURAGER (Sermon summary)
We’re called to love others.
“By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” – John 13:35
Barnabas possessed exceptional spiritual qualities.
“For he was a good man, full of the HS & of faith.” – Acts 11:24
1. Barnabas: A Generous Giver (Acts 4:36-37)
2. Barnabas: A Faithful Friend (Acts 9:26-27)
3. Barnabas: A Committed Encourager (Acts 11:22-26)
4. Barnabas: A Forgiving Brother (Acts 15:36-41)
He was a person with a warm heart & an open hand.
May God help us all to be more like this encourager, ministering to one & another!

Sermon 25 June “Seven Doors” – John Loong

Sermon 18 June “God is an expert in giving people a new opportunity” – John Loong

Sermon 11 June “The Battle is not yours but God’s” – John Loong

Sermon 4 June “All for One, One for All” – John Loong

Sermon 28 May “Holy Water, Holy Wind, Holy Fire, Holy Spirit” – John Loong

Sermon 21 May “Focus, Determination, Commitment” – Lorraine Fraser

Sermon 14 May “Focus, Determination, Commitment” – Dara Choo

Sermon 7 May “Focus, Determination, Commitment” – John Loong

There was no sermon 30 April.

Sermon 23 April “Focus, Determination, Commitment” – John Loong

No sermon available 9 or 16 April

Sermon 4 April “Focus, Determination, Commitment” – John Loong

Sermon 26 March “Focus, Determination, Commitment” – John Loong

Sermon 19 March “Focus, Determination, Commitment” – John Loong

Sermon 12 March “Focus, Determination, Commitment” – John Loong

No sermon available 5 March

Sermon 26 February “Beat it, Satan” – Liz Prins

Sermon 19 February “Love your enemies” – John Loong

No sermon available 12 February (service at Wadestown Presbyterian Church).

Sermon 5 February “To know Christ and to make Christ known” – John Loong

Sermon 29 January “Fools for Christ” – John Loong

Sermon 22 January “Time is Running Out” – John Loong

Sermon 15 January “Why are we here?” – Katherine Wharton

Sermon 8 January “Voice of God” – John Loong

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